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Welcome To My Life

Wow so this is my first post (kinda). You see I had a blog about 2 years ago – during covid years yuck -which I have since removed from existence as I wanted too start fresh.

Recently I have been looking for an outlet to write and figured what is better than a blog?! Personally I will be sharing my adventures and explorations, my art and photography, and my goals and aspirations as well as thing I learn or would like to say along the way as a 20-something navigating this peculiar world we have all found ourselves in.

For context I am a 21 year old woman (which still feels crazy to say) whilst writing this post (but will be 22 when its posted so stay tuned for my birthday blog :)) I recently graduated with an architecture degree and am working in London as an architectural assistant. Whilst my job is certainly interesting and fast-paced, there is nothing better than writing so I figured why the hell not start.

I used too write a LOT when I was younger and even wanted to be a journalist for YEARS but that dream was thrown out of the window when my mother scared me into thinking I would be forced to go to war-torn countries and writes pieces there – as a pre-teen you can see how this scared me away from the profession.

But now in my early 20s which seem to have come quicker thanks to Covid, I realised I have a LOT to say about pretty much everything I do, hence the start of this blog. My hope is too post 1/2 a week – Thursdays and Sundays, so do stay tuned.

This blog will be about anything and everything that comes to me including but not limited too food/ restaurant reviews, travel and exploration and also my personal self-care and self-development journey and just generally my exploring this place we call Earth.

My hope is too post 1/2 a week – Thursdays and Sundays so do stay tuned.


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