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I’m aware the title seems counterintuitive, but I will explain what I mean later in this post.


If you saw last Sundays post you read my top 4 lessons from 2022 which I am bringing into 2023. Within this, my aim is to have specific goals for each month in order to realistically achieve what I want. Therefore, each month in 2023 will have it’s own goals. I hope this calls you to do the same so we can grow and progress together.

Personally, I am a to-do list, calendar girl. I LOVE making lists, filling out my calendar and adding notes to my planners, DAILY. In fact, my favourite to-do list is the image above with the link directly below if you would like to purchase your own :). I have used that particular to-do list for 2 years and still use it every-day. In terms of calendars I use the apple calendar in my iPhone/ iPad as well as the GoodNotes app. Whilst planning and being disciplined is amazing it can also lead to limitations on my social life, learn how I am going to remedy this below, which leads me to my February goal.

February Goal

My goal for this month is to enjoy.

Sounds simple right. Well, not exactly as it seems everytime I get excited about something, in the back of my mind I’m running through my to-do list and panicking about how much I haven’t yet done or how I should really be at home getting through the list. Do you do this as well??? For example, when I’m out for a nice dinner with friends I’m thinking about the mess I left in my room whilst I was trying to get ready. Or when I am having a lunch with colleagues, I’m thinking of all the cleaning I need to do at home. There just constantly seems to be a to-do list and I keep letting it stop me from enjoying my life.

My Solutions.

Firstly, I plan on letting go of my schedule a little bit. To plan and to let go in the same sentence sounds a bit complicated but this relates back to my somewhat confusing title. I simply am pencilling in time on my calendar where I can do anything I choose. One evening a week, for me this happens on Wednesday, where after work I allow myself to not stick to a particular routine. This could mean I go for drinks with a friend, dinner with colleagues, go on a solo-date, or do my self-care routine. What I do with this evening purely depends on how I feel on the day. For you, this might work better on a Saturday evening, if so, make sure you schedule it in 🙂

Secondly, I am giving myself two weekends where I plan outings. This then gives me something to look forward too every month and ensures that I am socialising and making memories whilst not burning out my social battery as I am definitely someone who needs time to myself too. Which moves us swiftly onto my third solution.

This being where I will give myself one weekend and two additional Sundays a month where I don’t plan anything. These are purely for recuperation, rest and relaxation.

Thus, resulting in one weekend and a couple additional days depending on how the month lands on the calendar where I can do as I please depending on how I feel. An example of this for the month of February is shown above. I used the app GoodNotes for this which I absolutely LOVE. Perhaps it will help you too.


This is how I plan on letting go of some control where by I give myself time to rest, socialise and some space to be spontaneous. It is important to be flexible on this as plans do change and you may need to swap weekends around. However, this flexible schedule is how I intend to enjoy life more. If you would like to know how this goes be sure to follow as I will post an update at the end of the month.




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