Windsor, England. Girls Date

Close-by to West London, home to Windsor Castle

Wednesday 15th February 2023


Welcome back to my blog, today’s post we will be looking at a re-run of my day in Windsor. For those of you that aren’t aware this is a quaint town just outside of London that is home to Windsor castle. Though being a tourist destination is how the town makes most of its money, many locals from nearby towns also enjoy a lovely day in the area – mainly when commuting to London is just not the vibe of the day.

Further Context.

So it had been about 8 months since I saw one of my closest uni friends – due to work, travel and just generally having our own lives, you know the usual adulting issue of being free on different days. Although we usually go to central London for a day out, neither of us wanted to travel that far, or spend that much £££ so Windsor seemed like a more suitable option especially for a brunch date.

If you’ve never been to Windsor before then the main ways to get there are driving, of course, but parking is pricey unless you park on the Eton side which is a little cheaper and just over the bridge. Or bus. Or via train, with two main train stations, one in the centre and one further out (only a 5 minute walk to the center).

The Town.

Once you’re in Windsor there is of course the castle -don’t forget to catch the changing of guard at 11am 😉 You can also have a tour in the castle if you wish – which seems to have gone up in price in recent years. There is also the river where you can take boat rides, go for lovely walks with many gorgeous restaurants along the way. Plus, a couple parks including Windsor Long Walk just in case you want to make sure you get in your steps – also wonderful for a picnic! In addition, there are shops such as New Look and Danials with many cafes, pubs and restaurants spread across. Make sure you use maps along the way and if you’re anything like me you’ll have a phone case with an attached pop socket to prevent you from dropping your phone – I’ll link mine at the end of this post if you don’t have one yourself.

The Brunch @ Foggs, Windsor

When you get to the very large Danials department store, there are two entrances with a costa and prett in between, go through the left entrance and up the escalators which will lead you right to Foggs in the corner which my friend and I stumbled upon this day. A very cute (and busy) brunch place. For the amount of times I’ve been to Windsor the past 10 years I was very surprised that I’ve never been to this cafe before which has apparently been there for years. The restaurant itself was LUSH and I would definitely go back again as there were MANY things on the menu that I would love to try and you should too 🙂 That day my friend and I both got mochas (pictured below), I then got a full English breakfast which came with unlimited toast (if you would like to see this check out my insta post which is linked at the end of the piece). We also both got smoothies – mango – which I would also recommend.

P.S I am currently writing this at 8am on my commute to work and am starting to feel very hungry.

The food and drinks were absolutely delicious, additionally the staff, albeit very busy, were so sweet and helpful. My friend and I stayed here for a few hours before going on a long walk around Windsor to burn off some of what we ate.


If I haven’t made it clear enough, Windsor is definitely a lovely place to go and I would 10/10 recommend going to Foggs if you fancy a coffee, smoothie or brunch – I will definitely be going again. therefore if you ever find yourself in or near London make sure to head to the quaint town of Windsor and try this cafe – there is also of course many other activities to do in the area too – perfect for a day out.


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  1. Thank you so much for reading! And I hope you do visit Windsor it’s such a cute town!

  2. It looks like a lovely visit. Windsor is somewhere I would like to visit! Thank you for sharing your experience and your photographs.


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