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Living Life With Birthdays

Sunday 19th February 2022

Birthdays. Always a luxurious celebration in the movies but real life can be a lot more complicated. Even when we plan and make some memories sometimes we can just get the birthday blues.


Welcome back to my blog! This is quite a special one – talking all about birthdays, the highs and the lows and how I started off my birthday celebrations at the beginning of this month.

For me, birthdays always feel like another New Year and since mine is only a month after actual New Years I tend to spend the January month recuperating and realigning with what I would like to accomplish. Then February is where I really start making the changes I want. For my specific goals check out my previous post where I go over my February goals for this year.

Most of January I spent trying to figure out what I wanted to do or how I wanted to celebrate my birthday (February 3rd). This one was tuff for me as I turned 22 and was (and still am) so excited for my 22s – just seems like a very fun age.

Birthday Planning.

Anyway getting back to it I realised I was putting pressure on myself to celebrate my birthday instead of really trying to understand what I wanted to do. Eventually I realised that I wanted to do a few things spread over the weekends of February. The first weekend being Friday the 3rd of February (my actual birthday) where I went out for a lovely meal with my family, and the next day (Saturday) where I had my girls around for a nice relaxed pizza and drinks evening, with the rest of my celebrations coming up later in the month and if you’d like to stay updated make sure you follow this blog. So those well the plans I chose for my 22nd birthday – a year that I am very excited for.

The Birthday Blues.

Although there are many things we can try to plan, how we feel is not one of them especially on our birthdays. I think this is something that is often not talked about but needs to be. When I woke up on my 22nd birthday I felt down and couldn’t figure out why. I was working from home the whole day and felt like my heart was blocked – reading the lovely birthday messages and opening presents from my loved ones definitely helped but I still fell blocked and I felt worse for not being grateful for what I had. Eventually I realised it was because I hadn’t allowed myself to truly heal from the past few years. Friendships that I’ve lost, relationships that have ended in heart break, loss of loved ones, and also losing a version myself through distractions that life offers. Although I was immensely excited to become 22 and all the opportunities it had to offer, my head was rushing forward without allowing my heart to heal and catch up.

Up until this point I never realised how important it was to truly talk to yourself about how you feel, what you think and things that you may need to heal from. After this revelation I felt so much better. I journaled a lot about how I was feeling, things I need to let go and possible ways for me to overcome these issues and I then began to get ready for the beginning of my real birthday celebrations.

Birthday Weekend.

I got dressed up in a cute denim skirt and a tan jumper and went for a lovely meal with my family had a couple of strong drinks, a lovely penne pasta and generally had a gorgeous evening. The next day was equally fun with my girls. All in all the beginning of my celebrations were perfect and although I am no where near completely healed I am so much closer and finally living as the best version of myself.

Morale of the story is it’s okay to enjoy life whilst trying to heal as long as you truly give yourself space to heal. I do hope you enjoy and celebrate yourselves and your birthdays but I also hope you check in with yourself and understand it’s okay to not always be okay.

Thanks for reading, I hope I’ll see you on the next one!


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