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Sunday 19th March 2023

Another addition to my audible collection is Vincent and Theo. Recommended by booktok – a dual perspective of the famous Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo as they live their lives leaning on one another. Personally, I hadn’t heard about this book and after reading it am surprised it isn’t better known. The book itself – although has many chapters – is actually quite short and can be completed quickly. It does seem quite fast-paced as a lot tends to happen quickly but is is very fascinating and keeps you intrigued the whole way.

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The Book

I have to say I did not know much about Vincent Van Gogh besides being a famous painter and only having one ear. I knew even less about his brother Theo – to be honest I didn’t even know he had a brother – and certainly didn’t know how close they were or how much influence they had on each other’s lives. But this book changed that. It focuses on the two brothers, mainly in there early adult years, living separately and also how their lives often intertwined. The story about two brothers finding their passions while supporting each other – mixed in with drama, death and love. I found myself not being able to stop listening (as I was using audible of course) and even though the chapters were quite short they all seemed to fall into each other with elegance and ease making the novel easy to read and difficult to let go of. I do believe I will listen to this novel again as it gave much context about Vincent Van Gogh – his struggles and his family – and all in all showed him as he truly was without the ruse of being an illustrious painter, a human who was trying to combat a world that didn’t respect his art whilst also navigating love, money, family and friends. I found this novel stripped back the persona given to him and shown to us and instead painted a man who – like the rest of us – was just trying to live through his passions and enjoy a world that didn’t understand him, yet.


So just like the book, this post is short and sweet. A lovely tale of two brothers and how their lives blossomed while remaining connected to each other. Even if you are not a lover of arts, I would still recommend this book use to give some context to the painter but also to enjoy a well put-together novel that gives a lot more than art.

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