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Sunday 2nd April 2023

Hello, welcome back to my blogggg. 

Today’s post is all about my trip to Amsterdam! Yes that’s right I went to Amsterdam recently.

Booking the trip 

So how did the trip even come about? Well on the days between Christmas and new years when time seemingly disappears, my brother and a couple friends were round. One drink led to another and some how we were on the topic of going on trip. I’m not quite sure how we landed on Amsterdam but we did. Then at about 3am flights were booked for a trip towards the end of February.

Then it came to about two weeks before the flights and we realised we were going soon and had not booked any accommodation. Two of the group decided to be responsible and booked our hotel for the two night trip.


Our flight was early Friday morning at London City Airport. To get to the flight on time my brother and I had to be up at 2, leaving the house at 3 to meet the other two at about 3:30 and head to the airport. Although I had already most packed Thursday evening hit, after work and every time I tried to sleep I would remember something I needed to pack. Roughly I feel asleep at about 11 – so about 4 hours of sleep which is much more than my three companions who had 0-1 hour sleep.

All packed and ready my brother and I headed to meet with the other two and we then set off to the Airport. I for one had never been to the London City Airport, and apart from a glitch at airport security in which the better machine stopped working and EVERYONE had to move to the other side, the morning travel was quite smooth sailing. Once we got through security we eventually chose a brunch place to eat at- which was located right after security. For those that don’t know this airport is very small and so there isn’t much variation in food – mainly brunch, a couple cafes and a boots – so don’t be expecting a variety of food.

All of us very much lacking sleep led to a brunch (at 6am) full of adrenaline-led laughter and conversation. A couple Proseccos and beers later and it was time to board the flight (and of course we were the last ones to board the plane). As our trip was only two nights we took hand luggage which we could store above us. And 40 minutes later and we were in Amsterdam. That’s right only a 40-minute flight from London to Dam. We quickly got off the plane managed to eventually figure out how to get out of the airport and straight into the rain almost as if we had brought London with us. An Uber ride later and we were at our home for the next two nights.

The Trip

We were staying at the Hampton by Hilton hotel right next to the Amsterdam arena above is the view from our room. When we first arrived the rooms weren’t ready as check-in was at 3pm. So we dropped off our luggage and headed off. This hotel is a good place to stay, not too expensive and close to trains that can get you straight into central Amsterdam in about 15 minutes.

  • Bulldog: There are many bulldogs across the city each offering different amenities I.e food, drinks, seating, other Amsterdam necessities
  • Touring around: the city is quite small so it is very easy to walk around and come across somewhere to stay. As it was raining our first day there we did stay indoors majority of the time
  • We then headed back to our hotel. After showers and well needed naps we went off for our first evening in the city.
  • Dinner at Cannibale Royale 10/10. We did manage to walk-in and get a table but I would suggest booking if you can as they are generally very busy. The service and food was lovely (I personally had a steak with some chips and vegetables).
  • The Bulldog Hotel: this is a bar/ club which is in a central square. There are also other bars and clubs in this area if you would like.
  • After 15 minutes on the train we were back in central Amsterdam.
  • Puccini Bomboni: for all of your chocolate needs.
  • 10 minute walk to Anne Franks house if you would like to see. We did not go inside as the queues were insane, so perhaps pre-book.
  • Lovely to walk around and stop off at different shops/ food. There are a LOT of pizza/pasta/steak/burger places all over the city. Also many sweet shops (I myself bought a chocolate covered waffle).
  • The Bulldog Hotel: I would definitely recommend the chocolate milkshake J
  • Lost in Amsterdam Lounge and Café: no food is offered here, but it is a very cosy place for drinks and shisha/smoking.
  • Dinner at Pasta Primo – Italian Cuisine. The Carbonara was fantastic!

That was it for our short trip in Amsterdam. I would certainly go back as there are a few things we didn’t get to do such as a canal cruise and a ‘coffee shop’ where you can watch movies as well.

Travelling Back Home

Sunday morning we were up and ready to head back to the airport for our quick flight back home at 11:50. We unfortunately missed our flight – KLM airline. WARNING: They only give about 10 minutes for everyone to board the plane, by the time we received the message that the gates were closing, we got there in about 7 minutes and they wouldn’t let us on. Many other groups of people also did the same. Luckily we managed to get a flight for 6:50pm. Therefore, if you are using this airline do be careful about boarding times.


As I mentioned earlier I would definitely go back there (especially due to the very short flight). I hope you enjoyed this travel post. If you have any recommendations in Amsterdam let me know in the comments!




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